Powertools rangePOWERTOOLS by Dennis Bernard is a innovative range of additives for professional hair colourists aimed to solve any colouring problems in the salon. Colour servicing becomes easier, cleaner and faster. You will achieve better, longer-lasting results and your customers will receive a more comfortable experience. They will love you for it!


TCA - The Color Accelerator

TCA processes permanent colour, semi-permanent colour, demi colour, bleach, foil & high lift applications in half the time when added to any manufacturer’s colour or lightening product.

Here’s how it works:

The Color Accelerator, TCA, is a hair color additive that slows down the processing of hydrogen peroxide while driving colour molecules deeper into the hair shaft. The formula’s antioxidant (Vitamin E) allows TCA to help develop the colour molecules completely in less time while Jojoba & Mineral Oil condition & moisturise the hair & scalp.

    • Use with any manufacturer’s colour/bleach
    • Virtually eliminates fade-out
    • Can be used with or without heat to cut processing times by half to two thirds.
    • Leave hair shiny and in super condition



COS - Color Out System

COS is a technology that is the safest and most effective way to remove undesirable hair colour. In just 20 minutes, COS corrects and removes the colour by shrinking the dye molecules, allowing it to be simply washed out of the hair. Levels are of no concern as COS’s unique bleach and ammonia free formula removes all artificial pigments from the hair keeping the hair in great shape. COS is so gentle that the hair can be recoloured right after the COS service.

  • Gently removes oxidative permanent, semi & demi permanent hair colour
  • Takes only 20 minutes
  • Ammonia & bleach free
  • Safe & easy
  • Recolor the same day



TRA - The Resistant Assistant

TRA is a three minute pre-softener that deposits hair colour quicker on super resistant hairlines, trouble spots and whole resistant heads.

    • Perfect to use with semi, demi and permanent colour
    • Can be applied before wrapping perms to soften resistant hair
    • Use on coarse or resistant hair prior to straightening to help breakdown the curl/wave faster
    • Works with all manufacturers’ color/chemical lines with no damaging effects.





TCS - The Color Stain Remover

TCS is a technologically advanced all natural barrier cream used before applying hair colour to protect the hairline from staining.  This dual-purpose formula can also be used afterwards to remove excess colour from skin, clothing, equipment, work surfaces and colour embedded in nail cuticles.

    • Use before coloring as a barrier to protect skin from staining. It will not block the colour process.
    • After colour, use a damp towel to remove excess color from skin, work surfaces and clothing
    • Gentle on the skin and scalp
    • Will not irritate skin.




STB - Stop The Burn

Prevent skin & scalp irritation, burning, itching, chemical burn &  allergic reactions. STB, Stop the Burn, is a conditioning agent that alleviates the hair and scalp from the effects of harsh chemical processes. The active ingredient is menthol which provides a soothing sensation that helps relieve irritation.


      • Add 20 drops of STB to color mixture, bleach or perm solution.
      • Add 2-3 drops directly to sensitive, irritated or itchy scalp areas to eliminate irritation.




PCS- Protector, Conditioner, Styling Aid

Neutralise every color service with Color Protector, Conditioner Styling Aid, PCS. With a low pH (acidic), it eliminates any residual peroxide (developer) and other alkali in hair treatments.

Why use PCS?

Polymerization occurs when hair colour and peroxide developers are mixed together. Excess peroxide is created and left behind for this reaction to be completed. It is for this free peroxide that you see lift; the higher the peroxide level, the more lift you see. Experiments have shown this to be a major damaging factor and especially, if not completely removed, can cause colour change and fading. Our PCS formula has a special affinity (attraction) to residual hydrogen peroxide. It converts H2O2 into harmless oxygen and water which is a basic moisturizer.

Additional Benefits:

  • Can be used as a cutting tool
  • Prevents colour fade out
  • Returns hair to its normal pH levels
  • Use after perming to equal out porosity
  • Use for styling and all day conditioning
  • Use on dry hair to reactivate styling products to touch-up hair style
  • Apply at the pool, beach or before a tanning session to protect the hair from damaging ultraviolet rays.




G.O.D. - Gray Oxidizing Drops

G.O.D. covers resistant gray completely.  G.O.D. can be used with any manufacturer’s permanent, demi & semi-permanent hair colour; do not use with colour stains or temporary colours. As with all Dennis Bernard products, G.O.D is colour friendly and can be used with all other POWERTOOL colour additives.

  • 100% gray coverage
  • Works with any (color+developer) color line
  • Red colour family is enhanced & intensified
  • Does not affect processing time

Pro Tips:

  • Maximize colour absorption and shortened processing time by mixing G.O.D and TCA
  • Refresh red and warmer toned colours by adding 3-5 drops of G.O.D to your shampoo.




CBC - Color Balance Corrector

CBC eliminates brassy, red or gold tones from yellow, white and grey hair. It tones down warm, red & gold tones on dark hair for a true ash effect. CBC can be used in shampoo, bleach or color mixture.

Sizes Available: 1 oz. & 4 oz.

Pro-Tip: Customise your client’s at-home shampoo keeping warm & brass tones out between salon visits.




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