We are the Australian Distributor for all Crazy Color® products.

For over 40 years, Crazy Color® have partnered with Australian International Industries in the supply and distribution of this iconic British hair coloring to wholesalers and salons all over Australia.

Aii are a trusted and valued partner to Crazy Color® UK and have loyally supported the talented professionals of Australia since Crazy Color ® first burst onto the scene in 1977. We continue to look forward to working with, and for, the hair and beauty industry of Australia.


The Crazy Color Australia Range

Crazy Color® offer a range of Semi-Permanent, Temporary and After Care products. There are extensive colors and variations within each of those categories.



Available in the iconic pink bottles, and now, the new POWER pure pigment range (formerly known as HYPE).
HYPE represents a breakthrough color innovation. Create instant color deposits, simply choose your base, drop and apply. These drops allow you to fully customize your hair color, use fewer drops for pastel shades or mix multiple drops to create a brand new tone.


The Classic Crazy Color® Semi-Permanent range comes in a wide variety of colors including Metallics and Neons.



Primarily for blonde hair or hair that has been lightened in preparation, Crazy Color® ready-to-use spray gives an instant burst of pastel color that can be washed out. Crazy Color® Sprays are ammonia and peroxide free and gentle on the hair. The color lasts for around three washes.


A range of shampoos, conditioners and haircare products especially formulated for use on bleached or colored hair and specifically created for use with Crazy Color® products. Aii will be happy to discuss which products are best suited for your customers.

For full information about Crazy Color Australia, visit the Australian website here: